The right way to sleep

The right way to sleep
The right way to sleep

It is known to all that taking adequate sleep is necessary for a healthy body, but in today’s parting life we ​​do not even have time for myself. Today the routine of people begins with work and ends on the job.

If you talk about men, then when they wake up in the morning they get busy in some of the activities of the house or because of late sleep at night, they wake up late in the morning. After this, when he opens his sleep, he revolves around the same thing in his mind that he will not lie down for the office and get ready for his work quickly. After that, he gets out of office work. Then come home and work till late in the night, watch the TV or continue to operate the laptop and try to sleep late at night.

The same women’s routine is also something similar, the only difference is that if she is a house wife, then she gets out of work and children’s day. Due to this deteriorating routine, our sleep balance also gets disturbed, which creates obstacles on our health, success and development.

sleep position
Best position to sleep

Best Position to Sleep

Your sleep habits associated with sleeping are harmful to your health, and it also affects your performance in your personality and workplace. According to Kris Idijkovsky, director of the English language body language expert Robert Phipps and Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and Kris Idijkovsky, the method of sleep shows the person’s personality and personality. According to him, every person has his own sleeping position and position in which he feels comfortable himself.

Sleep right, stay right:

The way sleeping is very important is important for our health, in the same way sleeping method also affects our health. Sleeping many times wrongly affects our mind as well as the mood. It is therefore important that you take special care of your sleeping pattern. If we sleep well then the freshness gets up in the morning. Good sleep keeps us away from many troubles. It keeps our waist, neck and spinal cord right. It does not cause pain in these parts.

Sleep right, stay right
Sleep right, stay right

Pillow support:

Breathing gold in which your knees are bent. There is a pillow between your two knees. Apart from this, if you lie downright then sleep by keeping a pillow under both your knees. Body pills help to maintain the natural curve of your spinal cord. It does not hurt our back.

piloww support position
pillow support position

Head cushion is also important:

The pillow applied under the head is also important. If you sleep slowly, pillow should be the right support for the head and neck. This also helps the spinal cord. This pillow should be slightly thicker than the pillows under the head of those who sleep at the waist. The cushioned pillars of the waist should be between your neck and the bed and the head should not be tilted forward.

Head cushion is also important
Head cushion is also important

 6 to 8 hours sleep is necessary:

 The right way to sleep, along with the adequate amount of sleep for the body is also very important. Every person should normally complete sleep for at least 6 hours and more than 8-9 hours. If you take enough sleep, then your day passes happily and you also feel at work. But if you take more sleep than usual, problems like headache, body pan do not let your mind work.

healthy sleep
healthy sleep



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